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About us

We have many products and services that are used in 20 countries by thousands of businesses and healthcare providers, healthcare institutions and patients.

ConstantMD is a software and ecommerce company based on California, USA. Company is founded on first January of 2011.

We develop software and services for various industry sectors including healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, Education.

We have developed a robust information technology platform called ConstantMD that can provide cost-effective, secure software products and services. ConstantMD Business software runs as a Software-as-a-Service from secure ConstantMD Cloud. ConstantMD application can be used from smart phone, tablet or any device at any time.

Your Software Development Partner

We code with an eye on design, bigger picture, ensuring quality & positive ROI.

Blockchain Powered Solutions

We’ve been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for the past 6 years.


Nirvor Plarform

We have developed a robust information technology platform called Nirvor that can provide cost-effective, secure software solutions and services.

Nirvor - Care at your fingertips.

Find Best Service Online.

Physicians, Dentists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Medical Supply Stores, Diagnostic Center and Labs, Video consultation services, Software & App services, Restaurants, Schools, Teachers, Rental Cars and Other Service Providers Online in Bangladesh.


Custom App Development

Full range of custom app development services for a wide variety of businesses. Provide assistance for any stage of software development cycle. Create prototype on request. Low cost. Timely delivery. Build solution for you business problem

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